FloFlo Flowery

We turn your wedding flowers and leis into an everlasting resin keepsake. We are Kauai’s only bouquet preservation company and we work with couples bride’s from all over the USA and all Hawaiian islands. How does it work? Step 1 is pre-booking your preservation date prior to getting married. Then once you’re married you will ship or drop off your fresh wedding flowers to our studio here in Kauai. We will dry them in their full 3D shape using new technology and artfully cast them into a large resin art piece. 6 weeks later when the piece is done we will ship it to your home at no charge.

Contact: Christie Martel
Phone: (808) 855-0990
Website: flofloflowery.com
Address:: 332 Aina Loli Place, Kauai
Email: flofloflowery@gmail.com
Instagram: @flofloflowery